“Sailing with Strangers: A Story of Courage, Survival and Living a Dream”

Charley Hester had been a longtime reader of my work. Little did I know that he was also an accomplished writer, until he turned me on to his book, “Sailing with Strangers: A Story of Courage, Survival and Living a Dream.”

I read it, my wife read it – and we both loved it. You will, too.

Sailing With Strangers Book Cover

It’s about his six-month sailing adventure from Mobile, Ala., through the Panama Canal, around South America and the treacherous Cape Horn, and on back to Key West, Fla.

With strangers.

It’s about an ordinary man pursuing an extraordinary dream. Charley doesn’t overwrite; neither does he understate. You’ll want to go where he’s been, though perhaps not with strangers. Charley writes the truth – unvarnished and unabashed –  and where that might sound obvious, it takes courage. The same kind of courage that it took to climb aboard a 46-foot sailboat with people he’d never met and go on a journey rife with adventure, insight and a mounting, palpable tension among the crew.

Here’s Charley’s book at Amazon.com. Click Here

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  • Don Moye
    25 Jun 2013

    I am a friend of Charley’s and actually sailed with him many years ago.
    His book reads just like one is sitting listening to Charley recount the story.
    That is his style and it keeps me asking him to write more.